nominal [1]: functioning as a noun, noun-like. Nominal structures include noun stems, nouns, pronouns, noun phrases and nominal clauses. Nominal and verbal structures are the most basic and important categories for the building up of syntactic structures. Structures that modify nominal structures are adjectival. [Spanish: nominal]

nominal [2]: A complete noun phrase [2] (including proper nouns and pronouns), as opposed to most nouns alone, is sometimes called a nominal (or a full nominal). The important difference is that a nominal (in this sense) can function as an argument or complement of a verbal or adpositional structure, whereas a noun alone cannot. For instance the acceptability of "The cat purred", "She petted the cat", and "The flea jumped around on the cat" indicates that "the cat" is a full nominal, but the unacceptability of *"Cat purred", *"She petted cat", and *"The flea jumped around on cat" shows that "cat" is not a full nominal. [Spanish: frase nominal [2], NP]