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The Principal Organs of Articulation

nasal cavity: nasal consonants and nasalized vowelsnasal cavity: nasal consonants and nasalized vowelsoral cavity: all consonants except nasals; also very important for vowel qualitylips: labial and labialized consonants and rounded vowelsteeth: dental consonantstongue tip: apical consonantsalveolar ridge: alveolar consonants(hard) palate: palatal consonantstongue blade: palatal consonantstongue back: velar and uvular consonantsuvula: uvular consonantsvelum (soft palate): velar consonantspharynx: pharyngeal consonants (rare); also very important for vowel qualityepiglottis: epiglottal consonants (rare)glottis: glottal stop and fricativevocal folds: voiced soundslarynx: voiced sounds and glottal stop/fricative

Diagram of the organs of articulation

Green underlined words are links to further information about the sounds made with the indicated part of the vocal tract.

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