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Languages and cultures of present-day Mexico: traditional names

This website is organized primarily according to language families. Some families group together into larger families, which are sometimes called language stocks, so there are also links to information about the stocks.

This particular page links some traditional names for languages in Mexico with the language family and stock to which they belong. More information can be found on the corresponding family and stock pages. 

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Name of language, family, or stock

Link to language family

Link to language stock

Algic stock   Algic stock
Algonquian family Algonquian family Algic stock
Amuzgo Amuzgoan family Otomanguean stock
Aztec (Nahuatl) Nahuatl family Uto-Aztecan stock
Chatino Zapotecan family Otomanguean stock
Chichimeca Jonaz Otopamean family Otomanguean stock
Chinantec Chinantecan family Otomanguean stock
Chocholteco (Ngigua) Popolocan family Otomanguean stock
Ch'ol Mayan family none
Chontal, Oaxaca Tequistlatecan family none
Chontal, Tabasco Mayan family none
Cocopa Yuman family Hokan stock
Cora Corachol family Uto-Aztecan stock
Corachol family Corachol family Uto-Aztecan stock
Cuicatec Mixtecan family Otomanguean stock
Hñahñu (Otomi) Otopamean family Otomanguean stock
Hokan stock   Hokan stock
Huarijío Taracahitic family Uto-Aztecan stock
Huasteco (Tének) Mayan family none
Huave Huavean family none
Huichol Corachol family Uto-Aztecan stock
Ixcatec Popolocan family Otomanguean stock
Kickapoo Algonquian family none
Kiliwa Yuman family Hokan stock
Kumiai Yuman family Hokan stock
Lacandón Mayan family none
LSM (Mexican Sign Language) Signed languages none
Matlatzinca Otopamean family Otomanguean stock
Maya, Yucatec Mayan family none
Mayan family Mayan family none
Mayo Taracahitic family Uto-Aztecan stock
Mazahua Otopamean family Otomanguean stock
Mazatec Popolocan family Otomanguean stock
Me'phaa Tlapanecan family Otomanguean stock
Mexican Sign Language Signed languages none
Mexicano (Nahuatl) Nahuatl family Uto-Aztecan stock
Mixe Mixe-Zoquean family none
Mixe-Zoquean family Mixe-Zoquean family Totozoquean stock
Mixtec Mixtecan family Otomanguean stock
Nahuatl Nahuatl family Uto-Aztecan stock
Ngigua (Chocholteco) Popolocan family Otomanguean stock
Oaxaca Chontal Tequistlatecan family Hokan stock
Ocuilteco Otopamean family Otomanguean stock
O'odham (Papago & Pima) Tepiman family Uto-Aztecan stock
Otomanguean stock   Otomanguean stock
Otomi Otopamean family Otomanguean stock
Otopame family Otopamean family Otomanguean stock
Paipai Yuman family Hokan stock
Pame Otopamean family Otomanguean stock
Papago (O'odham) Tepiman family Uto-Aztecan stock
Pima Bajo Tepiman family Uto-Aztecan stock
Popoloca Popolocan family Otomanguean stock
Popoluca Mixe-Zoquean family Totozoquean stock
Purepecha Tarascan family none
Seri Serian family none
Signed languages Signed languages none
Tabasco Chontal Mayan family none
Taracahitic family Taracahitic family Uto-Aztecan stock
Tarahumara Taracahitic family Uto-Aztecan stock
Tarascan (Purepecha) Tarascan family none
Tének Mayan family none
Tepehua Totonacan family Totozoquean stock
Tepehuan Tepiman family Uto-Aztecan stock
Tepiman family Tepiman family Uto-Aztecan stock
Tequistlatecan family Tequistlatecan family none
Tlapanec (Me'phaa) Tlapanecan family Otomanguean stock
Tohono O'odham Tepiman family Uto-Aztecan stock
Tojolabal Mayan family none
Totonac Totonacan family Totozoquean stock
Totozoquean stock   Totozoquean stock
Triqui (formerly Trique) Mixtecan family Otomanguean stock
Tseltal (formerly Tzeltal) Mayan family none
Tsotsil (formerly Tzotzil) Mayan family none
Uto-Aztecan stock   Uto-Aztecan stock
Yaqui Taracahitic family Uto-Aztecan stock
Yucatec Maya Mayan family none
Yucatec Maya Sign Language Signed languages none
Yuman family Yuman family Hokan stock
Zapotec Zapotecan family Otomanguean stock
Zoque Mixe-Zoquean family Totozoquean stock