low [1]: pronounced with the mouth open and the tongue lowered, away from the palate (roof of the mouth). (See the diagrams of the principal organs of articulation and phonetic symbols for vowels.) The vowel sounds written "a" in the words "father" and "man" and the "aw" sound of "raw" (in most American dialects) are the low vowels [a], [æ], and [ɔ]. Contrast high [1], mid [1], see also close, open. [Spanish: bajo [1]]

low [2]: with a pitch that is phonetically (or acoustically) low, that is, with relatively slow vibrations of the basic pitch of the voice. In this sense, one can say that in general the voices of men are lower than those of women and children. [Spanish: bajo [2]]

low [3]: in a tonal language, the lowest-frequency contrastive pitch. Low tone is often written with a grave accent; e.g. à can mean 'a with low tone'. Contrast high [3] and mid [2] tone. [Spanish: bajo [3]]