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Vamos a leer en la lengua chinanteca de San Pedro Tlatepuzco2015
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67 Chinantec Texts, part two2003Linguistics
67 Chinantec Texts, part three2003Linguistics
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Chinantec Animal Traits Tales1990Linguistics
Six Chinantec Songs1990Linguistics
Chinantec Hero Tales1990Linguistics
Chinantec Animal Tales1990Linguistics
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Cuaderno de trabajo chinanteco1975
Cartilla chinanteca1975
Jáh² tiogh³ cøg¹² juøi² ni¹jmøi²1972
Cuento quiah¹² dsa ca¹jmáh² hieh¹²1972
Jøg³ quiah¹² si² mong¹²1971
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Chinantec Nahualism and Sorcery1970Linguistics
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Palantla Political Organization1960Anthropology
Palantla Social Organization1960Anthropology
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Empezamos a leer, libro tres1960
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