Lachixío Zapotec
(ISO code zpl)

Traditional House


Location of Lachixío


The towns of Santa María Lachixío and San Vicente Lachixío are located in the western part of the state of Oaxaca, west of the capital city, in the southern part of Mexico. There are about 3,700 speakers of the variety of Zapotec that is spoken in these towns, according to the government census (INEGI) of 2000.


Zapotec woman shelling corn
Zapotec woman shelling corn.


An interesting aspect of this area is that traditionally the people built adobe houses thatched with pine needles, which abound at this higher altitude. In other neighboring areas, palm thatching is more common.


Roof with pine needle thatching
Roof with pine needle thatching


Lachixío Zapotec, along with Zaniza Zapotec and Texmelucan Zapotec, form the western branch of the Zapotec language family.

In Lachixío, in order to show respect to one's comadre [co-godmother] or compadre [co-godfather], town authorities, elders, teachers, and other outsiders, the people speak in a high-pitched voice, a kind of falsetto.


—Jan Persons


Another view of Lachixio
View of Lachixio


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