Quichean-Mamean Mayan Subfamily

Aguacateco, Cakchiquel, Ixil, Kekchí, Mam, Pokomam, Pokomchí, Quiché and others


The languages of the Quichean-Mamean subfamily are spoken primarily in Guatemala, although there are also speakers of some of them in the Mexican state of Chiapas. (See the maps on the main Mayan page.) The Quichean languages include Achí, Cakchiquel, Kekchí, Pokomam, Pokomchí, Quiché, Sacapulteco, Sipacapense, Tzutujil, and Uspanteco. The Mamean languages include Aguacateco, Ixil, Mam, Tacaneco, and Tektiteco (Teko).

Investigations by the Summer Institute of Linguistics into these languages have been done in Guatemala, and the results are not included on this site.