Chujean-Kanjobal subfamily

Motozintleco, Tojolabal (also Chuj, Jacaltec, and Kanjobal)


The languages of this subfamily straddle the border between Chiapas and Guatemala. Tojolabal is spoken in Chiapas, as was the nearly extinct Motozintleco language.

Chuj, Jacaltec and Kanjobal are spoken mostly in Guatemala, although there are some speakers in Chiapas. (See the maps on the main Mayan page.)

Resources on the languages in this subfamily

The Summer Institute of Linguistics has finished its work in this subfamily, which in Mexico was only in Tojolabal. Work by SIL carried out in Guatemala is not included in this site.

For information about the publications that have appeared (some of which are available on-line), consult this page, looking under Tojolabal.